Toys and games for children are getting more expensive, with some of the hottest items being available for more.

Baby bearded dragons, named after the animated characters, have become a $500 million business for companies and brands, with baby bearded dragons selling for $1,500, a new report found.

The toy market is expected to be worth $500 billion by 2019.

In 2018, Baby bearded dragons sold for $200,000.

This year, they were $700,000, according to The Washington Post.

The report found the new figures were higher than the previous year, when they were worth $1 million and $700 million.

The toys are made of a durable plastic, and are made to resemble a baby.

They’re also sold in several colors, including orange, red, yellow and white.

The new toys were also made from “super-bulk aluminum,” which can withstand temperatures up to 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes them ideal for outdoor use.

The toys are also waterproof, which helps them to stay dry when they get wet.

Baby boys are also getting more toys, with the report noting the popularity of the “little prince” toy, named for the character from Disney’s animated movies.

The baby is also being marketed as an interactive toy, with a “majestic prince” and a “little princess” figure.

These toys are sold online and at toy retailers, and some companies are using Baby bearded Dragon toys to sell other merchandise.

One company, Forlorn Pals, sells a Baby bearded baby dragon mask, and it sells for more that $200.

Baby dragons can be purchased at some online retailers, such as Babiesaurus, Baby Dragon Toys, and Baby Dragon Supply.