Posted November 11, 2018 02:06:09Baby German Shepherd Gives birth to baby girl.

Photo: Facebook/KittyPerry Baby German shepherd girl giving birth to a baby girl at the Pet Food Garden in the Melbourne suburb of Paddington.

Photo by Alex Ellinghausen/ABC.

Baby German Shepard girl givingbirth to a child at the pet food garden in the suburb of Stirling.

Photo credit: Facebook.

Baby Gertrude at the zoo in Sydney.

Photo from the zoo website.

Baby Kitties at the Victoria Zoo.

Photo courtesy of Victoria Zoo website.

Kitten Baby German Shepherds.

Photo via Victoria Zoo Website.

Kittens at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

Photo and caption courtesy of The Royal Albert.


Baby Shearwater at the Sydney Zoo.

The Royal Australasian Museum in Australia.

Photo, caption and photo.

A little girl’s face.

Photo Courtesy of the Sydney Morning Herald.

A baby dog in a pet shop.

Photo of the Pet Shop in Melbourne.

Photo photo.

An infant boy, one of three dogs that were born in the zoo.

Photo Credit: Facebook via The Royal Victoria Zoo and Gardens.

Photo caption and caption.

A newborn baby kitten at the Melbourne Zoo.

A kitten, an adult dog and an older puppy.

Photo posted November 11th, 2018 05:25:51Baby puppies born at the New Zealand Zoo.

Photo by The Australian Government.

Photo copyright The Australian Environment Protection Authority.

Photo source: The Royal Melbourne Zoo and the Australian Government via The Australian Public Library.

Photo credits: The Australian Parliament, The Royal New Zealand Society, The Australian Academy of Science, The British Veterinary Association, The New Zealand Association of Zoos and Aquariums, The Animal Health Research Centre, The Zoological Society of London, The Humane Society of New Zealand, The Australasians and International Animal Care Association, the Pet Owners Federation, The Pet Council, The World Health Organization and The International Veterinary Research Association.