JAMES BAGLEY/Getty Images The #Babygap has already seen some of its most powerful moments.

The show’s third season has seen a lot of the contestants fall prey to their personalities, and while there has been some drama, it has also seen the contestants struggle to find their place in the family.

That’s been a common theme of the series and it was something we discussed in a chat with the show’s host, Jody Lee Miller, this week.

“I’ve seen a fair bit of drama,” Miller told us.

“And I can’t say it’s been fun because we’ve been doing a lot better than the first couple of seasons.

But there’s definitely been moments that I can look back and say, ‘Wow, it was really funny, this was really fun, this episode of the show is a really great episode of TV.

I’m not sure how to describe it, but I think it was fun.'”

But I can also say, in terms of being a baby I’m a lot more than just a baby.

“Miller, who plays the character “Baby Gap” on the show, said the show has changed her life.”

It’s been very difficult to put on this baby mask and I’ve never been able to be myself, and I think that’s a huge part of the reason why I’ve had a lot to say about the show,” she said.”

The show has helped me get to this place where I am now where I feel like I’m more than the baby that I was.

And I’ve done a lot for myself and my family.

“But the thing is, I’m still a baby and I’m the same person I’ve always been, just because I was born at such a young age.”

Miller has also shared some personal advice for the show.

“Do what you love.

It doesn’t matter what you think about yourself, don’t change,” she explained.

“I think there’s a lot that is going on in our world that you should be able to relate to.”

Miller said the “Babygaps” has been a blessing for her, but she has also learnt a lot about herself.

“There’s so many things that I’ve learned, which is kind of exciting,” she shared.

“The fact that the show made me who I am has been really rewarding.”

Watch the full chat above.