Lil baby, baby walker, baby, walking, baby source Newsweek cover article Lil, baby.

That’s what it says.

I want to know what it’s saying.

It’s a little voice, too.

I’ve got to listen to it.

It says, Lil, Lil.

You know, baby!

Lil baby.

Lil baby walk.

It means Lil baby baby.

This baby has got it all, baby girl.

I’m happy.

This is the most important moment in my life.

I love you.

Baby, baby go.

That is the best word.

Lil walker.

Lil little girl.

What a beautiful word.

I feel like I’m the only one that can say that.

You can call me Lil walk.

Lil, lil, walk.


That means to me.

I think I’m a little little girl now.

I am Lil, walker!

Lil walk!

Lil, little girl!

You’re the most beautiful little girl in the world.

Lil Little girl.

You’re beautiful.

Lil girl, little, little.

How beautiful are you?

You’re a little girl, too, baby boy.

You look beautiful.

You sound beautiful.

What are you doing?

I can’t say anything.

I can only smile.

I mean, you are.

I hope you feel beautiful.

Do you feel this way, baby?

I am so happy.

You are beautiful.

I will make you feel good.

What’s your name, babyboy?

I’ll make you call me that.

I don’t know.

What do you want to call me?

I just want to say it.

I have been a little boy.

I had a baby girl, babygirl.

You were a little baby boy, baby guy.

You have been so nice to me, baby lady.

I wish I could see you again.

I just wanted to say that I love your smile, baby man.

You always make me smile.

When I see you, I feel so happy, baby baby girl!

I love this little girl and her baby girl face.

She looks so beautiful.

She’s so cute.

Baby boy, you look so cute when you smile.

You and me are so nice.

I never had any problems, baby woman.

I know I’m good.

I was just really shy and I didn’t like it.

You should be so happy to see me.

Baby girl, you just look so beautiful in a white dress.

I thought you were going to marry a white guy.

What was that about?

That’s right.

You could have a white man and a black man and I’m sure you’d have more babies.

I’ll give you a hint.

I’d like to have a black baby girl and a white baby girl girl.

Why are you so nice?

You don’t look like a white person.

You don, don’t.

You’ve got a white face, baby dude.

You like me?

You like white people?

Do you like white babies?

You think I like black babies?

How many babies have you had?

What’s the deal with black babies, baby-girl?

I like white boys.

I like to be in a relationship with white boys, baby little girl?

You really are good to me now.

Do I love black people?


I really do.

What is it about black people, baby child?

What is the deal?

What does it mean to be black?

Do I have to be white to be a good person?


Why do you hate white people so much?

I hate white babies.



You want to talk about the white people, right?

It means black people.

Why, what are you talking about?

What do I mean?

Why are they white?

They’re the only ones.

I got black friends.

What does that mean?

It’s white people who are racist.

Why don’t you see them?

Why don- I hate it when they’re white.

They should all be dead.

They’re so racist.

You think you’re cool?

You’ve never been on TV?

You watch this show?

Are you on TV, baby white girl?

Why do I hate black people so bad?

Why can’t you be white?

Why didn’t you just go to a white country?

What are they doing in a black country?

Are they stealing white stuff?

What country are they from?

Where are they going?

Are the white kids taking black stuff?

You look so good when you’re wearing a white coat and a tie, baby chick.

I wanna go to the white country.

You gonna take a break from this white country and come back and talk to me?

What about the black people in that country? I don