It’s a trend, but baby bear photography has exploded.

Photojournalists, wildlife photographers, photographers who take pictures of animals like bears, dolphins, or whales have all come up with ways to capture these majestic creatures on camera.

They call them baby bears and they can be found all over the world, but it’s only now that the baby bear is becoming so ubiquitous that we’re seeing it pop up on every corner.

This is a guide to the babies that are out there, and what you can do with them.

Baby Bear Photography A Baby Bear Is a Big Deal Baby bears are not native to Canada, and they’re considered endangered in the wild, according to the United Nations.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t people out there who love to take pictures with them, and it’s no surprise that a lot of them are snapping photos of baby bears.

“I’m fascinated by the idea of capturing a baby, and there’s an inherent thrill in it,” says Ben Schlosser, a wildlife photographer in Toronto, Ontario, who has been documenting the baby bears for the past decade.

“The idea of doing a photo shoot with a baby has never been quite as thrilling as it is now.”

What is a baby?

A baby is a small, immature animal, often between a week and three months old, and most of the time, the mother will be the mother.

But in captivity, a baby can be kept in a cage, where it may not be able to fend for itself.

But there are also some situations where a baby is better off kept as a pet, or even a baby seal.

“In captivity, the baby has the same kind of natural instinct to defend itself as a child does,” says Schloss, who says that babies who are in the care of a mother tend to be more playful and have more emotional intelligence than those who are kept in their own home.

“There’s no better way to capture a baby than to see it for yourself, and to be able share in its joy and its pain.”

What to Do When You Can’t Shoot a Baby Baby bears have a range of physical and behavioral attributes that can help or hinder their capture.

They can be small, and their eyesight can be poor, so it’s best to have them trained to be wary of people or things they see.

A baby will generally try to get a photo with a camera, even if it’s just to try and take a photo, says Schlosseler, who uses a smartphone camera.

If the camera can’t see the baby, it can also use its gaze to determine where it is, and this can make it easier to capture.

“A baby’s eyes are a great visual cue to say, ‘Look here, I’m not going to make it,’ ” he says.

“You want to be very mindful of that.

Baby bears can be quite playful, and often can get away with a lot, but if you get a little bit too close, they’re going to start to panic.”

Baby Bears Can be Aggressive Baby bears do have a lot to live up to, however, Schlosseller says.

Sometimes they can make other animals scared of them, such as by jumping at them.

Other times, they can just be aggressive, like when they’re getting ready to eat.

And if you’re in the presence of a baby with a gun, be careful not to shoot at the baby.

“Don’t shoot, don’t shoot!” advises Schlosselser.

“Just be careful.”

And don’t forget to take your time with a photo.

If you’re a little impatient, the bear may try to chase you, but that can also make it difficult to get the shot.

“Baby bears don’t like to be handled,” says Rhonda Gorman, an animal-welfare photographer in Calgary, Alberta, who is also the founder of the Bear Photography Forum.

“It’s a little scary.”

It’s important to remember that the photo doesn’t have to be perfect to be good, she says.

A photo can be good if it shows something that is interesting or special to the bear.

Baby Bears Are Dangerous Animals that live in the forest, in nature, or in urban areas can pose a threat to babies, because they can jump, attack, and bite people.

But baby bears are often also scared of people, and Schlosselders advice is to be cautious around them.

“If you’re near a baby and its in the area of a home or in the middle of a road, or if you’ve got a baby that you’ve taken pictures with and the baby is in a car or a restaurant or a bar, be very careful,” she says, adding that people shouldn’t approach the baby without a safety plan.

“When you’re there, don.t jump on it.”

You may be tempted to put a camera on the baby and snap