This baby shark is one of many cute babies on sale for crypto coins.

The sticker is only 10 euros, but is only available on sale through a website.

The website offers up to 20 baby shark stickers for around 20 euros.

The sale ends on May 3, 2019.

A baby shark with an ear bud.

source Crypto Games News article The Baby Shark sticker is one more of the baby shark items available in the new crypto coin.

This is the first time Baby Shark is selling a sticker for less than its price.

If you look at its description, you can see it is only for sale on the Crypto Games website.

There is a similar baby shark for around 15 euros.

Baby shark stickers are often available for around 1 euro, but the price can be high depending on the stickers.

The price of baby shark might also change depending on how popular the baby sharks are.

It might be more appealing if you have a lot of them, as it is cheaper to buy the sticker than it is to buy them individually.

Baby shark stickers will be available on a regular basis through a variety of different websites.

The Baby Sharks store has a huge selection of baby sharks.