By now, you’ve probably seen the “Yoda Costume” that debuted on LEGO’s Instagram page.

You’ve probably also seen that this is a cute and cute little costume.

And if you’re a child, you probably saw that the “Baby Race” that appeared on Instagram was also a pretty cute costume.

Now that the Yoda Halloween Costume has been revealed, I wanted to know how you can dress up your old baby for Halloween.

So, I contacted LEGO to see if I could dress up my old baby as Yoda in one of their most iconic costumes, the “Old-Fashioned Yoda Costume.”

I was expecting to get an answer in about a day or two.

I figured that if I wanted something that would actually look like Yoda, I’d need to make it myself.

But when I finally got my hands on the costume, I was surprised at how different it turned out to be.

I bought a “Yodahasho Yoda” for $20.

The only reason I got this Yoda was because it was the “oldest” one on the LEGO store.

This was a pretty good price.

I’m not going to get into the details of how it was made, but the basic construction was the same as it was on the ToyBiz store.

The instructions I received were the same.

I simply took a pair of scissors, a small bit of fabric, and a small amount of glue and used that to attach the fabric to the inside of the costume.

Then, I took a piece of cloth that was cut to fit the “legs” of the Yodahasheso Yodas head.

This piece was very easy to cut.

Once I had the fabric, I folded the piece of fabric over itself.

I then cut a piece out of that that was about the size of a quarter.

I used the “half” for the legs and “full” for everything else.

I then used a large paintbrush to apply a coating to the fabric.

I also used a pair in a small container and applied it to the underside of the fabric so that the paint could drizzle onto the underside.

I added a layer of glue on top of the paint to seal the seams.

I wrapped the “Legs” and “Leg” together, and then attached the “feet” to the “head.”

Then I used a long piece of string and tied the “foot” to a small hook that was attached to a piece that was fastened to the head.

Then I attached the head to the legs with a string.

I wrapped the legs around the head and attached the feet to the feet.

I attached the costume to a large hook, and attached a few pieces of string that I wrapped around the “Foot” and the “Head.”

I attached them to the bottom of the head, and the costume was ready to go.

When I first saw the costume on Instagram, I thought it was kind of cute.

The old Yoda just looks so familiar, and it was a lot of fun to make.

I hope that everyone who goes to the store on Halloween is as excited as I was.

I’ll be back with more LEGO Halloween Costume ideas!- Sarah