We know the baby rash can be contagious but are there any other things you can do to stop it?

The baby rash is a common and severe problem in infants, toddlers and children under 6 months old, but can be prevented and managed by many different things.

We’ve got tips on what to do if you’ve got a rash.

What are the signs of a heat rash?

The symptoms of a hot rash vary from person to person.

There are milder symptoms, such as a sore throat and some mild fever, that are more likely to be caused by the heat.

However, some children will also develop a rash, especially in the chest area.

These symptoms can last from minutes to hours.

If you have a rash and it continues to get worse, call your GP.

What is a heat wave?

A heat wave is a high temperature, which can last for a number of hours or even days.

It’s very common in the summertime, when people are outside and people are going about their daily business.

People are often out of breath, sweating and having fever-like symptoms.

If you’re having a hot reaction, call the GP.

If the rash continues to flare up, call 999 or call your local police.

What can you do if your baby gets a rash?

Your baby’s rash can make you feel like you’re in a fever.

But this is normal.

You can help your baby to cool off by applying a warm, soft cloth, or by covering your baby’s mouth with a wet washcloth.

The baby may also feel a little queasy and will try to move around.

If this happens, hold your baby gently and let him or her cool off.

If your baby doesn’t respond to the soothing hand-held cloth, call 111 or contact your GP or midwife.