The baby shower dresses that were made for baby showers have become a thing of the past, thanks to a new patent for a “baby dressing for toddlers”.

The patent claims that the dress “may be constructed of a flexible, elasticized, and lightweight material” and “may have a unique function of changing the shape of the infant’s head”.

This means that the baby will not only look more natural when wearing it, but also will be able to move around the room without having to worry about falling.

The patent is pending and could be approved as early as the end of the year.

The new patent is a first in a series of three designed to make babies comfortable, but not too much so.

The first patent claims to be able “to reduce the risk of infants falling” and even offer a way to “increase the comfort of infants with the use of a padded seat cushion, padding, or a soft pillow”.

It also claims to have a “safety cushion, padded shoulder harness, and padded chest harness”, which may be the first time a baby’s safety has been put in the same category as a crib cushion.

The next patent describes a “sturdy strap” that could be attached to a crib for “safety reasons” and says that the strap “may include an infant cushion that protects infants from falling”.

The final patent claims “an infant safety harness that protects a child from falling, or alternatively a harness that can be attached directly to a child’s chest”.

This patent also mentions a “tummy cushion” that “provides an infant with the ability to adjust their head position by leaning into it or flexing their arms or legs”.

The patents will be used to get approved by the US Patent and Trademark Office in the coming weeks.

It’s been a long time coming The first baby dress to go on sale was a baby shower dress in 2005.

In 2008, the first baby shower with the new patent was unveiled in the US.

This was a “large, soft, and flexible” baby shower gown, with the first patent being a “small, flexible, and elasticized” baby dress that had “no seams”.

However, this patent was rejected in 2012, which has meant that the first one is still in use, despite it being rejected in 2013.

The last baby shower without a baby dress was in 2013, when a “mini baby dress” was launched in the UK.

This dress “has a small, flexible fabric and a padded shoulder strap that can accommodate babies”.

In 2015, the patent was also rejected again, and this time, it was approved by US Patent & Trademark office, which meant that this dress “is able to fit infants up to 10 months of age and infants of all ages”.

The new baby dress patent claims its “specially designed padding provides a safe, comfortable, and comfortable position for infants and children”.