A baby horse was taken to hospital for treatment after crashing into a car in south-east Queensland.

Key points:The baby horse is recovering from surgery and is expected to surviveA crash in the Brisbane suburb of Coodeburn happened about 11:30am on Thursday morningThe crash killed one man and seriously injured anotherA woman who was driving her son in the car said she heard a loud crash on the road and immediately feared for the safety of her baby.

“I was shocked when I heard the crash, and I thought it was a crash between cars,” said woman Claire Tod.

“It was so loud that it was shaking and I looked out my window and I saw my son sitting in the back seat.”

It was at that point, Ms Tod said, that she decided to call emergency services.

“We got a call about a baby horse and a baby in the rear seat, which I assumed to be the baby rider,” she said.

“The mother was trying to get her baby out of the rear, but the baby was too strong.”

A collision occurred between a car and a horse in Coodegurn, near the Queensland border with New South Wales, about 11.30am.

The baby was airlifted to the University of Queensland Hospital in Brisbane and is currently in a stable condition.

“As soon as we got the baby, we took him to the hospital, which is really nice,” Ms Togler said.

The infant’s father was also treated at the scene for injuries sustained in the crash.

“He was in shock, and he was in pain, but he was OK,” she added.

“There was no sign of trauma or any damage to his leg.”

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