The father of a newborn baby boy who died in a car accident has pleaded with grieving parents to donate clothes to the baby’s parents.

The toddler died in July after being placed in a care home in the Queensland city of Ballarat.

His father, Michael Fenton, said the family had not been told of the circumstances surrounding the accident and had been told to look for clothes at the local clothing shop.

“He died in our care, he wasn’t in our hands,” he said.

“We just want to put our heads down and let them take care of him.”

They’ve done nothing wrong.

“Michael Fenton said he was distraught by the way the baby died.”

I was devastated, I didn’t want him to be anywhere else, so I put a blanket on his body and put his clothes in the back and I cried a lot,” he told ABC Radio Brisbane.”

When you’re a parent and you’re just feeling the pain and the sorrow of a child you feel that’s when you do things like this.

“He said the clothing had been donated to a nearby clothing store and he wanted to help raise money to help the family cover funeral costs.”

People are going to need it, I think we’re all just going to have to put aside some money for that,” he added.”

It’s just really heartbreaking.

It’s just a really sad situation, but we’re just going through it and hopefully the money will go through.

“Michael said he planned to donate the clothes to a local homeless shelter, which will take care for the baby until the next possible opportunity.”

The next time we see him, he’ll be there,” he explained.”

If it happens again, he’s in the care of the Salvation Army.

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