Posted April 06, 2019 09:37:20 The latest in the ice age is upon us.

The temperature is going to drop below freezing in the next few days and the cold snap is upon the world.

Here are the essentials to keep you and your baby warm.


Keep them comfortable.

It’s important to keep them comfortable so they don’t get overheated or put themselves in a potentially dangerous situation.

For example, if your baby’s crib is located in a low room, don’t leave your baby in the crib.

The crib can get quite hot.


Bring a warm blanket.

Bring warm clothes to bedtime.

Make sure your baby can wear them.

The warmer clothes are also good to have at home.


Make your child’s room as cold as possible.

This is a key point to keep in mind when keeping your baby warmer.

The coldest room you can imagine is the nursery or playroom, where the air is the least cold.

Make it a hot, cold place.


Warm your clothes.

The air inside the room should be very, very cold.

For instance, if you have a cold, dirty bedroom, bring a warm, clean, soft towel to your bedtime playtime.


If you have kids under 12 months old, take them out of the crib at night.

Make them wear their own pajamas or a warm-weather sleeping bag.


If your baby is older, bring them outside during the day.

This way they can see the sky or go outside to play.


Keep your baby cool.

Keeping your baby dry is also important.

If it gets too cold, they can get overheating or put their own body into danger.


Keep a warm bath for your baby.

The bath is an important part of keeping your child warm.

Make a warm tub for your child to go in and out of.

If a bathtub is too hot, they may need to be put in a cold bag.


Make yourself comfortable.

The next time your baby goes outside, wear something warm to help keep them warm.


Take your baby to bed early.

You can do this by turning the lights off or by having your baby lay on your chest with a towel draped over their shoulders.


Get the temperature of your home checked every few days.

This will give you an idea of how warm or cold your home is and what room temperatures are expected to be. 12.

Keep the room cool.

Make the room very comfortable.

If there are no windows in the room, your home will need to remain in the cool, dark room.


Don’t take your baby out of your bed until it is comfortable.

When your baby gets out of bed, you can keep them in their crib until they are comfortable.


Keep their room as cool as possible with a heater.

A hot water heater can be an excellent place to start the heat cycle.


Keep it cozy.

When it is time for bed, wrap a warm pillow under your baby and let them lie in the warmth.

Make every effort to get them comfortable and comfortable.


Make noise and go outside.

If the room is really cold, your child may not need to go outside as much as they used to.

If they are playing outside, make noise to help them get used to it. 17.

Have a baby in a crib.

It can be a good idea to have a baby with you.

Make an effort to keep a baby comfortable and safe when it is in a baby crib.


Bring your baby into your house when you can.

You don’t have to be present for them to go out to play, but if you are, do it. 19.

Make babies feel safe.

Your baby will not know if they are safe or not until they come home.

When you are home, ask your baby if they feel safe, too.

You might find they are not.

If so, ask them why they feel they are being protected.


Talk to your child about their world.

Have your child play outside when they feel comfortable and when they see the stars.

If their play is a bit more challenging, they might need to spend more time indoors.

If this is the case, your family may need more than one child.


Be kind to your baby!

There is no right or wrong way to keep an infant warm or warm your home.

The key is to give your baby plenty of opportunities to get outside and to have fun.

Remember, they are young.

If we don’t do all of the things they need to do, then we will never be able to keep our baby warm, comfortable or safe.