An adorable Dutch baby named Boogie is now in the care of an organization that helps orphaned children.

Boogies mother, a baby named Rosie, was adopted by the Dutch organization Childs Aid in 2016.

Childs aid is part of the Netherlands government’s orphanage system.

It has placed Rosie in the home of an international rescue organization called BAM.

BAM works with children orphaned in the world’s poorest countries.

When Rosie was born, her parents didn’t have enough money to pay for a surrogate mother.

But when Rosie’s birth mother died unexpectedly, Rosie had to be raised by BAM, where she received daily care and carer training.

The organization’s mission is to help orphaned and abandoned children find their forever homes.

Rosie is one of more than 10,000 orphans in the Netherlands.

Rosies adoption was the result of a partnership between Childs Care and the Dutch government.

“Rosie is an orphaned child that was abandoned in a foster home in the UK, but now lives with us in our Dutch home,” ChildsAid said in a statement.

Rosette is now living in the Childs care home with her mother.

“She is now a full-time member of the Child’s Care team, a caring and caring child who can do everything a human being should be able to do, including help others, such as helping with our rescue efforts and providing a home for other orphaned kids,” the organization said.

Rosy is the first child born in the Dutch orphanage since the adoption was made in 2016, according to Childsaid.

Rosi said she had always dreamed of living with BAM and being a part of helping the children that are in the orphanage.

“I always dreamed about living with a family in my home,” Rosi told CNN.

Rosic said that despite her love for BAM she is very protective of her young family.

“When I see my little sister, I feel sad, but I love her so much, she is my heart and my soul,” Rosic told CNN on Sunday.

She added that she is grateful for the support of the international rescue group.

“The people that rescued Rosie are helping us, they’re helping us find her home, and they’re making sure she gets the best care possible,” Rosie said.

“They’re so brave.”