A mother in the United Kingdom has been making baby yodas from scratch for the first time in her life.

“We’ve been trying to do it for about five years now, but it’s been a lot of effort,” said Anna Brown, a nursery school teacher in Chester, south east England.

She said she was inspired by the Yoda doll, which is popular in China and Taiwan.

“He’s kind of the classic Yoda.

He’s a very old-fashioned Yoda, with a big nose and he wears a black suit,” she said.”

I’m going to use the toys from the book because I love Yoda.”

Brown said she wanted to use some of the toys in the nursery because she was struggling to find toys for her daughter who was learning to read.

“If you have a little bit of money to throw at it, I would be really happy to give you a toy,” she told CBC News.

“You can do the things you need to do, or you can do a lot more things, and then just take it away and put it back.”

She said the toy store was selling a few sets for £10 each.

“It’s really, really simple,” she explained.

“The yoda is just sitting on the shelf, but there’s a little screen behind the shelf.

You have to turn the screen on.

You’ve got to pick the one you want.”

The baby yods were made by Brown using a mix of recycled materials.

“These are toys, so you can’t reuse them.

So they’re going to last for a long time, but they’re also going to be good for the environment and for the animals,” she added.

Brown said the toys were so good she bought three sets, including one for her son who is six months old.

“They’re so easy to make, I just had to give them to him,” she laughed.

“So he’s not going to have to worry about his toys any more.”