The first thing you need to know about baby dolls is that they are very easy to make.

I made my first one about a year ago and it’s still working great.

I had to add a few things, though, to get it to look right.

You’ll need a plastic container that holds the doll, a piece of foam padding that holds it in place, a small bowl that fits inside, and some food coloring.

The doll has to look and feel right in your hands.

First, it needs to be made into a doll.

This is pretty easy: It just needs to get on the doll and it’ll work.

The foam padding is what holds the plastic container in place.

It’s made from polypropylene foam.

I used the cheap stuff I had lying around, and it didn’t feel cheap at all.

I didn’t want to buy any more and just used a plastic bowl that fit in my plastic container.

Then I made the doll itself, which was really easy.

You just mix up a few ingredients, put the ingredients in the plastic and it will work out just fine.

I added some food dye to the color and then painted it pink.

Next, I put a little bit of water in the bowl to make it look a little less plastic.

I also used a little of my own water for the foam padding and added some glitter glue to make the top look like a tiny, pink ball.

The final step was to put some food color on the inside of the bowl, and then a little glitter glue on the outside of the doll.

The bowl and the doll both look pretty nice together.

I was a little worried about the color, but the little pink thing looks pretty much the same as it did before.

I love that it looks as good as it does!

I’m going to make more babies soon, and this one is going to be a little harder.

I plan to make a few more dolls, so check back soon for more pictures of the process. 

What you need for this recipe: Baby doll, foam padding, food coloring, glitter glue, water, food dye, glitter color, food mask, glitter mask.

The instructions say to make about a gallon of foam, so you’ll need about a half gallon.

If you make enough, you can get a lot of fun colors.

The colors I used were: Pink, pink, pinky, pink and purple.

The color is pretty subtle, so I was worried about it getting in the eyes, but it wasn’t a big deal.

The pink stuff makes the face look a bit like a little pink ball, and the purple stuff gives it that baby-like look.

I wanted the face to look like it was from an animated cartoon and that’s how I made it.

The mask is the glitter glue I used.

It is super easy to use and doesn’t require any tools.

It just has to be applied to the face and then it’s done.

Here’s a quick video of how to make one.

You can see the whole process in my video below.