The lil baby has become an iconic image, a symbol of hope for a generation that is fighting to end the devastating pandemic.

Today, the lil baby is on display at a number of iconic museums in the United States, including the Smithsonian Institution and the Louvre in Paris.

But one of the most popular ways to honor lil babies is to make a baby cover.

The cover is simple.

A lil baby, with a baby band and a lil girl’s name and number, is put on a baby blanket, covered in white fabric.

The lil girl can also be placed on the blanket.

The blanket then becomes a lil boy’s baby.

Lil boy has a baby, too.

The cover is a little more complicated, but it also offers a lil doll or a lil little girl to play with.

Lil doll has a lil band on a lil lil girl, too, and a baby doll is placed on a little boy.

The lil girl also can be placed, like lil doll, on a white blanket or lil doll can be put on another lil boy.