In October 2016, the company Rosemary’s Baby Dummies posted a video of a doll with a smiley face.

It had been designed to resemble the doll with the smiling face of an infant and its arms, which looked like they were folded in a hug.

The doll was an instant hit and was being sold on eBay for a cool $25,000.

The company is no longer making the doll, but the video is widely believed to have been a marketing ploy to drum up interest for its new baby doll line.

Since then, the doll’s creator, Rosemary Williams, has been trying to explain what happened.

“There was no malice, and no intention to mislead or to deceive anyone,” she said.

“I was just trying to be funny.

It was not meant to cause any emotional distress or pain to anybody.

And I hope that people will understand what happened.”

What happened?

After being contacted by The Globe and Mail, Rosemarie Williams and her husband, Steve, were taken to a local hospital for an examination.

“The doctor told us that we were probably just being funny,” Williams said.

After being examined by a specialist, doctors said there was “no indication of any serious medical problems,” and that the doll was unlikely to cause harm.

What should you do?

In a nutshell, there are three things you can do to avoid making a mistake.

First, check that the picture on the doll is the same one as the one on the packaging, or you could have made a mistake in the process.

Second, if you’re unsure, ask someone to check the doll.

Third, if the doll has been altered in any way, you can also check the product’s label.

If the doll you purchased has the same face as the product you’re buying, it could be a fake.

If it doesn’t match the face of a real baby, contact the manufacturer of the doll and make sure you have the right one.

What can I do if I make a mistake?

If you think you’ve made a fake, contact Rosemaria Williams or her husband Steve to make sure they’ve looked into the matter.

If you have a problem with the dolls face, contact an expert to help you identify the problem.

The first step is to tell the person making the mistake.

You can do this by using a simple trick: You can say something like, “I bought this doll because I thought it looked cute.

What’s the difference between it and my baby doll?”

This will tell them that you’re serious about checking the dolls packaging, and you need to get it checked.

If they’re not sure what you mean, they can refer you to a professional.

If a professional isn’t available, they should contact Rosemary.

“My goal is to be as helpful as possible,” she explained.

“If there’s something wrong with the packaging or the doll itself, I’m willing to take it apart and do my own testing.”

If there’s a problem, they may need to replace the doll if they think it’s broken.

If there isn’t a problem or they’re still unsure, they need to ask for help from a professional who knows the doll well.