Gigi was born with her first name in honor of her first cousin, B.J., who passed away in 2017.

In January, B’s mother, Susan Hadid, gave birth to a boy named Austin, a boy whose name was Austin-B., after learning of B.’s wish to be named after her first born cousin.

B. was born on Jan. 8.

The baby name gigi is a play on the word gigi (meaning) baby, meaning a little girl.

Gigi was given a name by her grandmother, an African-American woman named Betty.

She was named after a woman who died in 2016.

A Facebook group for people with baby names and baby hedgehogs started in January, and since then, more than 200 people have signed up to create their own baby names.

More than half of the people who have given their baby names are African-Americans, according to the National African American Family Association.

“The more we do this, the more people we can reach,” Susan Haddids cousin, Gigi, told the Washington Post.

“It’s a really good way to spread awareness.”

Gigi was originally going to have a second child but has opted to have an unplanned second child with a woman named Kayla, her mother said.

Kayla, a former social worker who lives in Georgia, has lived with Gigi for nearly four years.

She gave birth on April 7 to a girl named Grace, who is named after Gigi’s father, Robert Grace.

I was born to an African American mother who’s had her share of hardships in my life, Susan told the Post.

I was raised with the love of my life in the back of the house, and it’s an amazing thing to be able to have my own family.

There’s a lot of love and caring that I have for my family, and that’s why I chose to give my child the name gigig, according the Post article.

B.J. Hadid told the Associated Press that the hedgehog is not her first choice.

My first name is Gigi.

I can name the baby my child. “

Gigi, BJJ, Austin, Grace.

I can name the baby my child.

I will not name it BJJ.

She’s my first name.”

“I’m just hoping that when the baby comes along and I have a child named after me, it will be my child,” B.j. added.

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