A baby animals collection is finally coming to baby dopplers.

NickiMinajBaby is a collection of baby dopps for all ages, featuring more than 30 characters, including Minaj, the singer and rapper.

The collection will be available on January 16.

The dopps feature Minaj singing, dancing, and even playing with the animals.

The babies are also customizable, including a baby cat.

The album also includes an art book, a collage of Minaj’s images, and other photos.

The limited-edition collection comes with the Doppler app, a cute little doll, a Baby Dopplers mug, a Doppller shirt, and a Doppelkraft vinyl sticker.

The Doppling Moms collection also includes a collab with Minaj and rapper Lil Uzi Vert, which features a baby baby, a doppling mama, and some dopplings.

The Moms collab is available exclusively on the Dopps app for iOS and Android.

The baby animals are available for preorder from Baby Animals, which is available at all Baby Animals locations, including Walgreens, Amazon, Target, and Best Buy.

Check out the exclusive Nicki mina baby animals dopple on the cover of this month’s issue of Entertainment Weekly.