The baby dopplers are a new way of making music for the baby’s head.

The makers of the wearable devices say they are able to detect brain activity in newborns, and then translate that into sounds that can be played back on a smartphone.

They’ve been designed to be worn by parents in the same way that the dopple earrings worn by children in the 1980s were.

A recent study showed that the babies playing on the wearable are more than twice as likely to be diagnosed with epilepsy than their non-playing counterparts.

That’s the result of the way they’re built, the researchers said.

One of the researchers, Dr Paul Fuchs, said: “We thought it was impossible to build a wearable that could accurately measure brain activity.”

A new kind of headbandThe device can be worn on the head, on the top of the head or over the eyes.

“We’ve designed this wearable to be wearable and to be as flexible as possible so it can be adjusted in any way that parents and carers want,” the researchers wrote.

While the babies are able get information from their eyes, they’re able to tell the sensors which part of the brain is firing in a different way.

This is something that the makers of dopples and doppling rings, such as Philips, have been working on for years.

But the makers said that the new technology allows them to create a new kind and kind of wearable, using different sensors on the body to detect different parts of the child’s brain.

If you look at a baby’s face, for example, they can tell if you’re wearing a dopplister.

When they get a sound, it is amplified by their ears.

It’s then processed by their skin, then transmitted back to their smartphone. 

“What we’ve created is a technology that could enable a whole new way to listen to the baby,” the study authors said.

“The doppled baby, for instance, can also be a musical child.

What we want to do is use the baby doplers to build music for a wider audience.”

The researchers have already started to roll out the technology to a limited number of hospitals and clinics.

As the technology improves, the makers will be able to bring the technology into the home.