A baby tiger, one of the most endangered animals on Earth, is being used as an unwitting surrogate mother by a farmer in northern India, who believes she has found the only way to save the animal’s life.

The woman is pregnant with a tiger cub, and her husband wants her to keep the baby tiger as a pet and raise it as a human.

The couple are raising a cub in a bamboo forest.

The baby tiger is believed to be the only wild tiger on the planet that is not genetically modified.

It has a rare condition known as spina bifida, which means its spine is too short to allow it to stand upright.

Its spine has been surgically removed, leaving it to sit on the ground, waiting for a surrogate mother to give birth.

But now, the woman’s husband has taken the baby Tiger to a village in the northern state of Himachal Pradesh, where it is being raised by villagers.

She says she will give birth on Thursday, October 20.

“It’s my responsibility to raise it,” the woman, identified only as M., told The Globe and Mail from her home in an impoverished village in Himachali district, about 60 kilometres (35 miles) north of Delhi.

In the first few days, the baby is in good health, she said.

It looks healthy.

I think it will be fine, M., the mother of a tiger, told The Guardian.

She has given birth to a baby Tiger at her home.

We don’t know whether it will survive or not.

I know there are so many tigers that are not happy here, she added.

On the day of the birth, villagers in the village were excited and asked the woman to keep it for them.

But when the baby arrived, villagers were angry.

They said it was a “baboon” and that the woman had done wrong.

They were also angry that the baby would be raised as a surrogate, M. told The Times of India newspaper.

After the baby was born, villagers threw rocks at the mother, which she defended by saying she was a Muslim.

“I was not supposed to do that.

I am not a Muslim, and I am a mother,” she told the Times of India newspaper.

She said the villagers had not informed her that her baby would become a surrogate.

She is now planning to sue the villagers.