Baby Driver was just one of many movies that received a massive overhaul after the release of its third instalment, Baby Driver. 

The new trailer for Baby Driver 3 saw a baby rattlespin coming out of a bottle, a baby truck that had a new driver on it and more. 

Baby Driver was released in 2017 and is based on the book by writer, director and producer Matt Reeves. 

Reeves and Reeves’ third film, Baby, was released a few months later and received a lot of praise. 

Actors Mark Wahlberg and Nicole Kidman were all fans of the new film, and they both took part in the promotional stunt for the film, as well as giving the film their blessing. 

Now, Reeves has revealed some new details about the film’s release, revealing that Baby Driver will be released on February 23. 

“Baby Driver 3 will be on February 17th in the UK, which is a big day in the world of cinema,” Reeves told FHM. 

It will be the third film in the franchise to be released that day, with The Driver being released on December 12, 2020. 

And it’ll be the fourth film to be the same day in Japan. 

The Driver will have a release date of February 17 in the US, and February 24 in the rest of the world. 

This makes the film the third and final film in a series to be out in the first half of 2019. 

In the UK it’ll hit cinemas on February 24 and in Australia it’ll follow on February 25. 

When Baby Driver is released on that day it will also be the first movie in the series to hit cinemacos in 2019.