By Football Italian staffIt has been four years since the baby duck was born, but that hasn’t stopped the football fans of Serie A from calling it the ‘baby duck of the season’.

Despite the fact that it has only been a few months since the duck has been a duck, fans of the Italian giants have been celebrating with a variety of festive events.

The team have already announced that the new duck will be introduced at a special game against Napoli on October 17.

However, the new baby duck is not the only new addition to the squad.

Juventus have also announced that they will also be introducing a baby duck at their game against AC Milan on October 24.

The baby duck has also been included in the team’s pre-match warm-up, and it is hoped that it will help the players relax during the game.

The club also announced the return of a baby panda named Fusco, who is named after the former Juventus star who died in 2012.

The new baby ducks have been part of the team for some time, and the team are currently fourth in the league.