Baby monkeys are disappearing in India, but experts say they’re being overlooked because of their rarity.

In India, baby monkeys have been disappearing since the late 1800s.

Their numbers have plummeted in the past three decades.

India has the largest number of baby monkeys in the world with 1,086,000, according to the World Wildlife Fund.

That makes them the world’s most endangered species.

India’s conservation agency, the National Wild Life Preservation Board, estimates that there are as many as 10 million baby monkeys remaining in the country.

The government says they are now being protected in urban centers where they are vulnerable to rabies.

The group has also urged the government to set aside more land for the animals.

The BBC reports the government says that its conservation measures have helped the numbers of baby animals to rebound in the last three decades and the number of monkeys on the brink of extinction is small.