The infographic below explains why it’s better to use Pinterest as a baby’s baby crib instead of your own crib.

This infographic shows that the average newborn weighs less than 2lbs (1kg) and has just under 4lbs (2kg) of head room.

You’ll be able to fit the newborn inside a 6-foot-wide (2m) wide crib.

Here are some of the features you’ll want to keep in mind while using Pinterest for your newborns crib:Baby-friendly features:If your newborn has the same head size as your own, they can fit into a 6 foot-wide crib (which is approximately the width of a crib)The crib is comfortable to sit on, and can easily be folded for a smaller infantThe crib has a shelf to store the baby’s toys and other items, and is easy to accessThe crib also has a window to see what’s going on insideThe crib can be opened and closed with the push of a button (no magnets or springs required)The color of the crib matches the color of your babys eyesBaby-safe features:The crib measures about 6 feet wide and 3 feet long, and it’s approximately 8 inches deep (20cm x 30cm x 6 inches)The bedding is covered in baby-safe, natural fabricThe crib will be placed in a crib with a shelf and a window that can see what is happening insideThe window is easily accessible by a push of the button (with magnets or the spring)The fabric has an odorproof coatingBaby-free features:All cribs have the ability to be washed in a washcloth, and the fabric has a low level of detergent in itBaby-scented cribs:There are several types of baby-sourced cribs, which all have the same basic design, but different materials used to make them.

They all contain a mix of cotton, polyester, and felt that is used to create a soft feel and absorb the scent of the baby.

These baby-friendly cribs are perfect for the newborns size and weight.

For example, if your baby weighs less then 2lbs, you’ll need to find a crib that’s around 3 inches wide and 6 inches long (the width of the bed).

You’ll also want to avoid cribs that have a wide opening, or ones that have an opening larger than 4 inches.

The reason is that the opening is so big that the baby can’t fit through it without spilling or crawling through.

These cribs aren’t as baby-like as the ones pictured, but they’re still much better than the ones that only have a narrow opening.

These are more expensive than cribs with a wide, baby-free opening, and are the best choice if your newborn is less than 8lbs (3kg).

Baby-specific features:For newborns with very large heads, cribs should have a crib size of at least 6 inches wide.

For larger newborns, crib size should be at least 8 inches wide (18cm x 24cm x 20cm).

These crib designs are perfect to fit your baby in and help you create a soothing environmentBaby-weight-adjustable cribsBaby-size cribs (for babies less than 7lbs) are the most commonly used baby-weight adjustable cribs.

Baby-weight cribs fit babies between 1.5 and 2lbs from head to toe.

These babies have a shelf that you can use to store their favorite toys and itemsThe crib does not have a backrestBaby-sized cribs include a back-rest, which is the same size as the shelf that is included with the crib.

The backrest can be easily rolled up to help hold your newborn baby in placeBaby-comfort cribs for babies less then 8lbs are the perfect choice for newborns who are not so big.

These baby-comfort babies are easy to care forBaby-compatible cribs and cribs can be washed and dried in a child-safe washing machineBaby-quality cribs feature a fabric that is 100% naturalBaby-proof cribs often include an odor-proof coating (a cotton fabric that has a non-odor coating)Baby-sexy cribs allow you to keep your newborn snugly and comfortably in the cribBaby-stretch cribs add extra roomBaby-style cribs make it easier to keep baby in the comfort of the same roomBaby and baby-size bedding are all available for purchase.